Wonderful Gifts All Round for Forest Hill House Nursing Home Residents

Wonderful Gifts All Round for Forest Hill House Nursing Home Residents

While it may be easy to feel a bit discouraged given the current circumstances, the residents at Forest Hill House Nursing Home, one of our residential nursing homes in Dorset, have recently been on the receiving end of some incredible displays of positivity.

Firstly a local young lady called Maisie went to the extraordinary effort to create handmade bags and fill them with sweets, cards with lovely messages of support & encouragement and other goodies for each of the residents. As you can imagine they were all absolutely thrilled with their gifts and very appreciative of such a kind-hearted gesture.

A few days later each resident was presented with a lovely handmade rainbow picture alongside a personal message from Freya and Poppy, two very sweet and thoughtful young ladies. Everybody was over the moon and incredibly touched to receive their special pictures and personal messages.

Our nursing home in Wimborne has been brightened immeasurably thanks to the rainbows now adorning the walls and windows. Visit the Royal Bay Facebook Page to see some photos of our delighted residents receiving their amazing handmade bags courtesy of Maisie and stunning rainbow pictures courtesy of Freya and Poppy.

This Dorset Care Home is:

  • Where each person is an individual
  • Where there are no unnecessary rules and regulations
  • Where dignity, peace and comfort take priority
  • Where companionship, interest and activity flourishes.
  • And where people are supported to lead the fullest possible lives

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